Our aim is to help what you do best, business!!!

A Real One-Stop Shop we offer a spectrum of specialised business and commercial services,

including complete Turnkey Solutions to Clients wishing to Set up or Relocate their Business to Spain.

Our services are always tailored to our clients’ needs and designed to help you get to business as soon as as smoothly as possible.
Let us help you

We are a business services agency with long standing roots in Spain.

Our team combines local know-how with world class standards to provide our clients with professional, efficient, and cost effective services.

We pride ourselves in providing high quality and efficient services, and strive to become your partner in Spain.

Our company is uniquely equipped to assist local and foreign companies navigate the complex issues associated with carrying on business in Spain.

Spain State is a boutique business services agency.
Spain State is a boutique business services agency that specializes in assisting companies establish and carry on business in Spain.

We are efficient, diligent, knowlegeable of the local market, and conscious of international standards.

We believe that every client is different and requires a different approach. There is an emphasis on understanding our clients’ business and goals in Spain before carrying on any work. This ensures that we are able to assist in the most efficient and targeted manner and always provide a tailored business solution.

We operate in accordance with international best practices and combine that with our local know-how and expertise to provide our clients with business, regulatory, and policy assistance that is unrivalled in Spain.

Business Advisory

Our business services include everything from market entry advice, assisting with establishing a presence in Spain, to providing advice about expanding your business in Spain.

Our agency has the capacity to handle most, if not all, work requests internally. This reduces costs to our clients and ensures efficiency and timely delivery of advice or work product.

Introductory Services

We recognize the importance of establishing relationships and developing a network.

Thanks to our long established presence in Spain and qualified team, we are able to share with our clients important relationships with business leaders in Spain.

From potential partners and investors to local suppliers, vendors, and facilitators, our Introductory Services will assist your company establish and succeed in Spain.


Our professionals and network associates can help you structure transactions and provide a turnkey solution to assist you carry out mergers acquisitions, disposals and other transactions.

We have the capacity, expertise, and experience to assist with due diligence reviews, drafting and negotiation of transactional documents, and providing advice in connection with regulatory and administrative matters.

Expatriation Guidance

Pre and post move guidance and training to companies and their employees about the practical and legal realities of moving to and doing business in Spain.

We can provide detailed advice and guidance about legal and practical requirements of establishment a life in Spain.

From obtaining a residency to leasing and acquiring residential and commercial real estate in the country.

bargain + residency = Great Deal. But there are many others !!!

business intelligence at your service…

why Spain?

buy-A-property-in-spain-final TEL SPAIN.jpg

Of course is the best deal but not only for:

1. Spain: a highly internationalized economy

2. Global Market Access

3. Macroeconomic Situation and Structural Reforms

4. Business Climate

5. Infrastructure and Technology

6. Incentives and taxes

7.Human capital: Productivity, Skilled Labor Force and Competitive Costs

8. Quality of life: Expat setting up

Spain is one of the leading global economic powers: the 7th largest recipient of FDI worldwide.

Spain´s appeal for foreign investors lies not only in its domestic market, boasting considerable purchasing power, but also in the possibility of operating in third-country markets using Spain as a base, courtesy of its privileged geostrategic position: it belongs to the European Union and is the gateway to North Africa and Latin America (due to its strong economic, historic and cultural ties in this latter case).

Furthermore, Spain is a modern knowledge-based economy with services accounting for 69% of economic activity. The country has become a center of innovation supported by a young, highly-qualified work force and competitive costs.



  • Company formation
  • Market entry reports and business intelligence.
  • Local partner matching.
  • Development of legal and operational infrastructure for businesses new to the market.
  • Start up and ongoing professional administrative support and advicing.
  • Commercial
  • Tax
  • Business Opportunities
  • Private Banking


  •  Varying levels of participation and investment from silent partners to operational and management.
  • Development of distribution network in Spain for foreign products and services.
  • Local agent to foreign brands and businesses.
  • Participation in collaborations and joint ventures with foreign companies.

We offer sophisticated international corporate structuring and arrange superior banking services to meet the demands of international businesses and entrepreneurs. We have developed a reputation for providing a diverse and attractive range of international tax planning, investment holding and trading structures.


Spain State is an International Agency offering a full range of legal and financial services at local and international levels. As an independent service provider, we ensure the highest level of confidentiality and efficiency in all operations.

Spain State  is formed by an Allianz of International business strategists and professionals, with a customer-focused vision, aiming to understand, evaluate, design and implement solutions that best meet the needs of our demanding clientele, which typically operate in highly complex fiscal, legal and financial environments but also have a large client base of small start-up operations.

We are a solid, global company offering innovative and customized services to private individual and corporate clients, through our dynamic and experienced team who will be at your entire disposal not only through the incorporation process, we will be available to assist you in the growth of your organization.

All structures we propose are in full compliance of local Laws in strict observance of current legislation.

Our focus is on making change happen and helping people and organizations realize their full potential by offering innovative perspectives to ensure their businesses develop successfully.



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