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Spain become the world’s healthiest country.

2019 World’s Healthiest Nations

Maybe it’s something in the air, the weather, or the people, as Spain just  become the world’s healthiest country.

Is an investment opportunity in Spain on your radar screen? If not, maybe one should be, write me to

Spain healthtiest.png

 That’s according to the 2019 edition of the Bloomberg Healthiest Country Index, which ranks 169 economies according to factors that contribute to overall health.

Spain has the highest life expectancy at birth among European Union nations, and trails only Japan and Switzerland globally, United Nations data show. Spain by 2040 is forecast to have the highest lifespan, at almost 86 years, followed by Japan, Singapore and Switzerland, according to the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation.

Four additional European nations were among the top 9 in 2019: Iceland (third place), Switzerland (fifth), Sweden (sixth) and Norway (ninth). Japan was the healthiest Asian nation, jumping three places from the 2017 survey into fourth and replacing Singapore, which dropped to eighth.

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After a profound shakeout, the prime real estate markets of Madrid, Costa del Sol and Barcelona are starting to recover from deep lows, offering investors a unique opportunity to buy prime property in two leading European cities near bottom-of-the-cycle prices, as the upturn gets underway.

Madrid is a top European city, without question the leading city on the Mediterranean, yet prime real estate prices in Madrid are relatively very cheap by international standards.

image (7)

Using Knight Frank’s Wealth Report Prime International Residential Index as a benchmark (see left, click to enlarge), Madrid would be one of the cities where you get the biggest bang for your buck, on a par with Cape Town in South Africa.

$1m USD today will get you around 200 sqm of refurbished property in Prime areas of Madrid.

As a result, prime Madrid is now a standout bargain, and foreign investors are catching on.

Whilst foreign demand for property in Madrid and Madrid is growing, domestic demand is also starting to recover as the Spanish economy picks up and banks start to lend again, focused on prime areas of Madrid and Costa del Sol, where risks are lowest.

All of which suggest we can expect the incipient housing market recovery to consolidate fastest in prime areas of Madrid, with substantial upside expectations in the next few years.

Nevertheless, it is still possible for well-connected investors with access to the best off-market deals to purchase prime buildings at a price that makes excellent risk-adjusted returns look perfectly feasible.


Over the last couple of years, a good number of foreign investors have come to Madrid and Barcelona looking for bargains, only to find the market less transparent and more complex than expected. Many have left empty-handed after a frustrating waste of time, whilst never even getting near the best deals.
The reality is the best deals in Madrid, Barcelona or Costa del Sol often involve local families inaccessible to foreign investors going through superficial channels. The Spanish crisis has been grinding on for years, and these vendors need to get out of real estate and into cash, discretely if possible.
Even with access to the best deals, profound local market expertise is needed for underwriting and due diligence to avoid overpaying, or blundering into a minefield of planning and other problems.


Extracting the most value from these opportunities requires an Spanish professional local team with expertise to

1) managing property,

2) optimize rents and manage tenants

3) define products for different market segments

4) project manage building works and

5) manage sales as units become available, all over a number of years
These are complex investments that require time, effort and knowhow to transform into high returns. They can also be a major headache for all but the best professionals with local knowledge and international expertise. Foreign investors should steer clear unless they want to go their hands dirty.


The chance to invest in prime real estate in two leading European cities at these prices won’t last long.

Vendor expectations are firming up, and prices are rising, so don’t delay if you are interested.





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Madrid Real Estate Selection

Madrid Real Estate Selection


The following is a compilation of some of the finest homes and estates currently for sale.

image (6).jpg

If you are interested in any of these listings, please feel free to call us, e-mail, or use the ‘Inquire about this Property’ link on the listing details page.


Excellent Value Flat in Paseo Castellana (Walk), with 3,230 sq ft, 5 bedroom, in front of Department of Defense, magnificent Castellana Walk views terrace with 300 sq ft

Reference     pen53945

Builtsize       3,230 sq ft  Rooms    5  Terrace  300 sq ft  Baths      4

Price € 1,160,000  Price AED 5,8 Million

#Flat in a class by itself in General Yague with 3,580 sq ft, 5bedrooms, 400 sq ft terrace € 1,3 Million

Reference      pen63825

Builtsize         3,580 sq ft  Rooms       5  Terrace     400 sq ft

Baths         4  Floor          5  Garage      1 double

Price €      € 1,3 Million   Price AED  6,5 Million

# Penthouse in Madrid Jeronimos, with stunning views over the Retiro, the most beautiful park in Europe, with 2120 sq ft and 250 sq ft terrace.

Reference     pen66057   Builtsize        2,120 sq ft    Rooms        6

Terrace  250 sq ft  Baths 2   Storage  Yes  Garage  1 space

Price € 1,595,000          Price AED 8 Million

# Madrid Duplex-penthouse in Conde Orgaz a host of facilities, with 4,480 sq ft, 6 bedrooms, 6 baths, terrace 1,330 sq ft, 3 garages

Garden, Pool, Tennis court.  Reference      pen46818

Builtsize 4,480 sq ft  Rooms   Terrace  1,330 sq ft  Baths   6  Garage  3 spaces

Price €  2,25 Million     Price AED 11,3 Million

# Madrid Penthouse-Duplex, Marques de Urquijo area and 500 meters far from Corte Ingles Princesa best area shopping, with 3,100 sq ft, 1,620 sq ft terrace, plus 500 sq ft for 3 garage spaces, Casa de

Reference    Pen64544   Builtsize  4,470 sq ft  Rooms         6

Terrace 1,000 sq ft  Baths 4   Floor Storage Yes Garage 4 spaces

Price €  1,35 Million    Price AED 6,8 Million

# Madrid. Experience height of luxury in this Duplex-penthouse in Pinar de Chamartín, 6,970 sq ft, 4 bedrooms, 6 baths, terrace of 3,670 sq ft, 3 garages , Pool, Tennis Court…

Reference  Pen48222  Builtsize   6,970 sq ft  Rooms 4

Terrace  3,670 sq ft   Baths 6  Garage 3 spaces

Price € 1,55 Million   Price AED 7,8 Million

# Madrid Quintessential Luxury living Penthouse- Duplex in Retiro 3,000 sq ft, 2,200 sq ft terrace with breathtaking Retiro Views, pool, 2 garage spaces, 5 bedrooms, 6 baths.

Reference  Pen59406  Builtsize   3000 sq ft

Rooms 6  Terrace 2,200 sq ft Baths Garage 2 spaces

Price € 2,29 Million    Price AED 11,5 Million

# Madrid Duplex-penthouse in a privilege location in Nueva España, 2,500 sq ft, 4 bedrooms, 5 baths, terrace of 330 sq ft, 1 garage , pool, garden.

Reference Pen65782   Builtsize  2,500 sq ft

Rooms Terrace 330 sq ft  Baths  Garage 1 space

Price € 1,29 Million        Price AED 6,5 Million

# Madrid Excellent Value Penthouse in Puerta de Hierro, 2,460 sq ft, 5 bedrooms, 4 baths, terrace of 1,700 sq ft, 2 garages.

Reference  pen31221  Builtsize  2,460 sq ft

Rooms 5  Terrace 1,700 sq ft  Baths  4

Storage  Yes  Garage 2 spaces

Price € 950,000   Price AED 4,7 Million

# Madrid. Attractive Investment Opportunity Penthouse- Duplex with stunning view of Madrid mountains and Zarzuela Palace with 3,000 sq ft, 250 sq ft terrace, 4 bedrooms, 5 baths, 4 garages, pool, winn

Reference  Pen66344    Builtsize          3000 sq ft

Rooms 4  Terrace 250 sq ft  Baths  Storage Yes  Garage 4 spaces

Price € 1,7 Million     Price AED 8,5 Million


# Exceptionally rewarding investment Penthouse- Duplex near to Planetario with great finishes and Scenic Madrid views, relaxed ambiance with 1,350 sq ft and 210 sq ft of terrace with storage and garag

Reference  op67127  Builtsize  1,350 sq ft

Rooms 3  Terrace  210 sq ft  Baths   3  Storage Yes  Garage  1 space

Price € 549,000    Price AED 2,7 Million

# Madrid Large Flat near to desirable address of Plaza Cristo Rey with 2,870 sq ft and 770 sq ft of the terrace, garage, storage, 5 bedrooms, 3 baths. € 590,000 only.

Reference     op54326     Builtsize  2,870 sq ft

Rooms 5   Terrace 770 sq ft   Baths 3   Garage  1 space

Price € 590,000     Price AED 2,97 Million

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Real Estate Investment Trust for Professional Investors in Spain

collage 334 web reitREIT = SOCIMI

Real Estate Investment Trust for Professional Investors.

Spanish REIT; SOCIMI, what are they?

SOCIMI are public limited companies (S.A. sociedad anónima) whose corporate purpose is the holding of either

1/ leased urban assets (by means of acquisition or development) or

2/ a stake in the share capital of other SOCIMI or foreign entities of analogous or similar activity (the vehicles known as Real Estate Investment Trusts or “REIT”).

SOCIMI are subject to zero taxation under Corporate Income Tax, thus putting them on equal footing with the already existing regimes for REIT abroad

Basic requirements of SOCIMI

The basic requirements to apply for SOCIMI’s special tax regime are the following:

• The minimum share capital for SOCIMI is five million euro.

The share capital can be subscribed using non-monetary contributions (i.e. by contributing properties to the SOCIMI), meaning that it is not necessary make a monetary disbursement.

• A minimum of only one property is required to incorporate a SOCIMI, thus they can be created in real estate projects where the existence of a company per project (and one asset per company) is essential for the purposes of liability, management, risks and licenses.

It is not necessary for the property to be located in Spain.

• Mandatory trading on regulated markets (such as the four Spanish Stock Exchanges) or multi-lateral trading systems (such as the Mercado Alternativo Bursátil or the MAB) either in Spain or another jurisdiction within the European Union or the European Economic Area.

• At least 80 per cent of the assets must be leasable urban properties, lands for development of leasable urban properties or shares of other


• At least 80 per cent of the earnings (excluding any income arising from the sale of qualifying assets)

must come from lease or dividends distributed by any subsidiary SOCIMI.

• A mandatory distribution of dividends in a given proportion depending on the origin of the profits obtained:

− 80 per cent of overall earnings, including the earnings derived from the lease of properties;

− 50 per cent of the capital gains obtained from the transfer of assets (properties and shares)

eligible for the application of the special tax regime (properties used for lease and shares in entities whose corporate object is the foregoing

activities). The remaining 50 per cent will be reinvested in eligible assets within three years of the transfer. Failing that, said benefit must

be distributed in its entirety together with the rest of the benefits; and

− 100 per cent of the profits coming from entities in which SOCIMI hold a stake.

• Property assets must be leased for a minimum three-year term (one-year availability for lease will be computable for this purpose). Regarding the interpretation of this requirement, the Tax Authorities consider that, in those cases where we find complex property (such as a shopping centre

in which the horizontal division has not been declared) it is not necessary that the term for lease is fulfilled for all the premises individually, but the

overall degree of compliance will be analysed, without prejudice to any premise not having been leased.

• No debt restrictions will apply.

Zero taxation of SOCIMIs: the big attraction

As a main feature of the regime, SOCIMI will be subject to CIT at a zero per cent rate, which make them very attractive for any kind of investor, whether resident or non-resident in Spain and place them at the same level as other well-organised REIT created in Western countries.

Just as a general introduction to taxation for the investors, we may face three different scenarios

1/ Spanish CIT taxpayers (or non-residents with a permanent establishment in Spain) will include the dividend in their CIT base without entitlement to double taxation relief, although these investors

may still take advantage of the SOCIMI’s regime;

2/ Spanish individuals will include the dividend in the taxable base subject to flat rates up to a maximum of 21 per cent (temporarily increased up to 27 per cent); and

3/ Non-residents without a permanent establishment in Spain will be subject to a withholding tax of 19 per cent (temporarily increased up to 21 per cent), unless an exemption (parent-subsidiary) or reduced treaty rate is applicable.

In this regard, investors non-residing in Spain (e.g. funds investing in shopping centres, hotel buildings or any other property to be leased), in particular residents within the European Union, may maximize the efficiency of their investments in Spanish real estate for leases down to zero per cent on the Spanish CIT, and also to zero per cent on Spanish withholding taxes under the parent-subsidiary directive, then receive return on the investment without tax leakage.

However, all that glitters is not gold and, since the rule of taxation is zero excepted if dividends are distributed to a shareholder holding five per cent or more of the share capital of the SOCIMI, and such dividends, in the hands of such shareholder, are either exempt or subject to a tax rate under ten per cent, in which case the application of a special levy to the SOCIMI has been foreseen because the latter is required to pay tax at a rate of 19 per cent on the amount of dividends paid to the shareholders who meet the referred requirements (participation equal to or greater than five per cent of the share capital and taxation below ten per cent).

This special levy will typically be triggered in case of non-resident investors who are resident in either a tax haven territory or in a jurisdiction (even within the European Union) where the dividends collected by the relevant investor are entitled to a participation

exemption regime. Note that most investment in Spanish real estate by non-resident investors has been done through Luxembourg or Dutch entities.

Therefore a review of the structures currently in place may be needed in order to determine whether the SOCIMI’s tax regime provides additional efficiencies and how to adapt the existing investing structures to be able to apply the new regime.

Last but not least, SOCIMI are entitled to a 95 per cent reduction on the Transfer Tax triggered on the acquisition of real estate assets if they are residential properties to be leased or land for the promotion of residential properties to be leased, to the extent that the holding period requirement of three years is met.

More flexible listing: the opportunity for the Spanish MAB (Alternative Market)

SOCIMI can opt for trading on regulated markets, generally subject to tighter regulatory demands, or on multi-lateral trading systems (such as the MAB), subject to more flexible regulation and less regulatory

requirements, located not only in Spain but also in any other European Union or European Economic Area jurisdiction.

Creation of a specific MAB segment for SOCIMI

The MAB is a market suitable for SOCIMI so that they can comply with the listing requirement in that market.

The MAB has created an “ad hoc” segment for them, alongside its other three segments (SICAVs, Venture Capital Companies and Growth Companies) and subject to a specific regulation contained in the

Circular of the MAB 2/2013 of 15 February (the “Circular 2/2013”).

Circular 2/2013 enables both Spanish SOCIMI and foreign companies whose corporate purpose and investment regime are comparable to those established for SOCIMI to join this segment of the MAB.

This segment of MAB was released in late 2013 with two SOCIMI, Promorent and Entrecampos, having participated Ashurst in the legal advice on the listing process of Promorent.

What agents are necessary for the admission of a SOCIMI on the MAB?

Admission on the MAB requires the SOCIMI to designate a registered advisor to liaise with the supervisory authorities both at the time of inclusion and later on once it is listed.

Its main task is to assess the suitability of SOCIMI interested in joining the MAB segment and to advise them in regard to the regime applicable to the trading of their securities, as well as in preparing and submitting financial and corporate information required for operating in that segment.

In order to boost the liquidity and trading of shares in SOCIMI the MAB requires SOCIMI or their core shareholders to sign a liquidity agreement with a liquidity provider, which may be an investment services company or a credit institution.

The main purposes of this agreement are to boost liquidity in transactions affecting SOCIMI’s shares, to achieve adequate trading frequency and to reduce price fluctuations not caused by the overall market trend.

The MAB, in the Circular 2/2013, requires that, at the time of admission, SOCIMI submit a valuation report of the company prepared by an independent expert in accordance with international valuation standards (copy of this report shall be attached to the relevant document for admission to trading).

Said valuation shall not be necessary if, in the six months prior to the application for admission, SOCIMI have conducted a share placement or financial operation to determine the initial listing price of their shares.

Free float

In order to ensure the adequate operation of this segment and to facilitate share liquidity, the MAB requires a minimum free float at the time of their inclusion on the MAB. Circular 2/2013 requires SOCIMI

to have shareholders with shareholdings of less than 5 per cent of share capital, and that these minority shareholders must hold a number of shares representing the lesser of the following two amounts:

(i) an estimated market value of two million euros, or

(ii) 25 per cent of the shares issued by the company.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, SOCIMI that cannot comply with this free float requirement at their time of admission (which is quite likely considering the situation of the real estate market) will not be

prevented from listing their shares on the MAB, since Circular 2/2013 allows SOCIMI or their core shareholders, instead of distributing the shares among minority shareholders by conducting an offer for sale or subscription of shares, to place at the disposal of the liquidity provider all or part of the shares necessary to reach the free float threshold.

What documents are necessary and how long does it take to include a SOCIMI on the MAB?

To be listed on the MAB, SOCIMIs must present an application for admission to trading, along with a prospectus called “information document for inclusion on the MAB”, which must contain information regarding the real estate assets and their management, as well as financial and corporate information.

For illustration purposes, the aforesaid “information document for inclusion on the MAB” shall include a description of the real estate assets, their depreciation periods, situation and condition of the same, as well as the policy for investment and replacement of said assets and the potential cost of the same being put into use due to a change in lessee.

The financial information provided to the MAB must be prepared in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) or national accounting standards, unless the issuing company was incorporated outside the European Economic Area, in which case it may choose to apply Generally Accepted Accounting Principles used in the United States (US GAAP).

The procedure for admission to trading on the MAB takes between two and four months. In any event, it all depends on various factors, such as whether or not it is necessary to restructure the company or its group

beforehand, the type of financial information to be included in the “information document for inclusion on the MAB” or the conducting of a public offering for the sale or subscription of shares. However, unlike other segments of the MAB or our Spanish Stock Exchanges, in this SOCIMI segment, issuers or their shareholders will not be obliged to conduct an offering, whether public or private, for the sale or subscription of shares prior to their inclusion on the MAB in order to comply with the minimum free float requirement, since the Circular 2/2013 allows SOCIMI or their core shareholders to place at the disposal of the liquidity provider all or part of the shares necessary to reach the free float threshold.

Once the SOCIMI’s shares have been listed on the MAB, Circular 2/2013 prohibits their core shareholders and key executives from selling shares or performing transactions equivalent to selling shares during the first year following their listing on the MAB, except those placed at the disposal of the liquidity provider.

What disclosure and transparency requirements will SOCIMIS listed on the MAB have to fulfil?

Once their shares have been listed on the MAB, SOCIMI must provide the MAB with information on a regular basis. In its regulations, the MAB has sought to strike a balance between two principles: the principle of sufficient information, as investors must have available a reasonable amount of information to enable them to make trading decisions, and the principle of simplicity, inherent to the MAB, which, as a multilateral trading system, is subject to more flexible requirements than those required for trading on a regulated market.

On a quarterly basis SOCIMI must send the MAB, for its dissemination, a financial report including all the key financial data relating to the first six months of each year, and annually, as soon as possible and no later than four months after the accounting close of each financial year, the audited annual financial statements.

SOCIMI, as issuers, must disclose to the MAB, for its dissemination, all relevant information that may affect those of their shares which have been admitted to trading on the MAB.

SOCIMI shall report the acquisition or sale of a significant shareholding which reaches, exceeds or falls below five per cent and successive multiples of share capital.

This obligation shall only be applicable to the extent that SOCIMI are aware of the sale or purchase transaction in question in which shareholders reach, exceed or reduce their stake from the aforesaid disclosure thresholds. In its Circular 2/2013, the MAB also requires SOCIMI, on a half-yearly basis, to report to it the number of shareholders and a list of those with shareholdings equal to or higher than 5% of share capital.

Other information which SOCIMI must disclose to the MAB, for dissemination, shall be information relating to transactions performed by their directors and executives, and, to the extent SOCIMI are aware of them, the signing, extension or termination of shareholders’ agreements affecting the transfer of shares or shareholders’ voting rights.

Finally, it should be highlighted that SOCIMI must have a website including all the public information relating to the process of inclusion of their shares on the MAB as well as any further information that they submit to the MAB from time to time.

The present note has been produced by the group of experts in SOCIMI of Spain State, specialized in real estate law, tax law and capital markets. Our team, which has advised on the incorporation of several SOCIMI, has accumulated so far a solid experience in this area and continues to provide support to clients on their projects regarding this new vehicles.

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The 5 Coolest Neighborhoods Around the World

The 5 Coolest Neighborhoods Around the World
Embajadores in Madrid was today revealed as the world’s coolest neighbourhood right now.


1. Embajadores, Madrid
Madrid’s Embajadores tops the list as the world’s coolest neighbourhood right now with its exciting nightlife and fabulous food, street art and high culture. This is where people from near and far live side by side, cooking up a bustling cultural life. To the north, Plaza Tirso de Molina is home to florists by day, and at night fills with revellers queuing to get into Medias Puri, the city’s club of the moment. To the south are two huge cultural centres, Tabacalera and La Casa Encendida. In Embajadores, Visitors can dine on divine Moroccan lamb tagine for an absurdly low price or Indian specialities served atop a flowery oilcloth and relax with a cocktail in the legendary Sala Equis, a former adult cinema that is now a drinking hole or visit The Rastro open air flea market that takes place between the plaza del Cascorro and the Ronda de Toledo on Sundays. INVESTOR´S TIP: Embajadores is a Madrid section very good for investors looking for to buy rental property and make money on the side or like vacation home says Marta Owsianik Real Estate manager.

2. Euljiro, Seoul
3. Nueva Villa de Aburrá, Medellín
4. Metaxourgeio, Athens
5. Princípe Real, Lisbon
6. Strasbourg-Saint-Denis, Paris
7. Neukölln, Berlin
8. Yanaka, Tokyo
9. Highland Park, Los Angeles
10. Fitzroy, Melbourne
11. Peckham, London
12. Noord, Amsterdam
13. Ancoats, Manchester
14. Enmore, Sydney



We all know that the best way to really know a city isn’t to go to the central square or major museums, or even the most tourist-trodden neighborhoods. What’s more interesting is discovering the up-and-coming neighborhoods where local creatives are settling in and setting up shop.

15. Bandra West, Mumbai

16. Shuk HaPishpeshim, Tel Aviv-Jaffa

17. West Village, New York

18. West Loop, Chicago

19. Tangba Jie, Chengdu

20. Osu, Accra

21. City Bowl District, Cape Town

22. Sant Antoni, Barcelona

23. Monti, Rome

24. Leith, Edinburgh

25. Hornstull, Stockholm

26. Sololaki, Tbilisi

27. Phibsboro, Dublin

28. Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro

29. Former French Concession, Shanghai

30. Roma, Mexico City

31. Cedofeita, Porto

32. Prawirotaman, Yogyakarta

33. Wynwood, Miami

34. Hayes Valley, San Francisco

35. Wan Chai, Hong Kong

36. Ari, Bangkok

37. Petite Italie, Montreal

38. Karlín, Prague

39. Dufferin Grove, Toronto

40. Central District, Seattle

41. Palermo Soho, Buenos Aires

42. Damansara Heights, Kuala Lumpur

43. Kadıköy, Istanbul

44. Tanjong Pagar, Singapore

45. Kitay-Gorod, Moscow

46. Langstrasse, Zurich

47. Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi

48. South End, Boston

49. Sanlitun, Beijing

50. Dubai Marina and Jumeirah Beach Residence, Dubai

The list was put together by local Time Out editors and city experts across the world who know the city like nobody else; in addition, more than 15,000 people around the world were surveyed about the best neighbourhoods to find out if there is a buzz about the area with cool new venues opening, if it is a great place for visitors, feels on the up and is affordable. This research identified the must-see neighbourhoods to stay, eat, drink and hang out in, looking beyond the tourist hot-spots – the places that should be on everyone’s travel bucket list to experience lesser known parts of cities:

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Madrid reigns in Spain

In Madrid, house prices began rising in 2014, having plunged by up to 40 per cent from the 2008 peak, according to Funcas, Spain’s savings bank foundation. In December 2016, prime property cost an average of €6,700m2; by December 2017, the cost was €7,400m2.

Madrid Spainfor

Real Estate News from the Spanish Market

Madrid more affordable compared with Paris and London.

We’re seeing a strong appetite both from domestic and foreign investors, friends, relatives and other people interested in real estate are talking about maybe changing their house, moving to a bigger flat, or even investing in a small flat to let.


Spain as the Eurozone’s 4º largest economy emerges from the “rough decade” that followed the financial crisis, the Real Estate is moving, agents report. According to the National Institute of Statistics, in the year to October 2017 sales in Madrid grew by 50 per cent. This year, sales are expected to be further buoyed by the ongoing exodus of companies and workers from Catalonia in the wake of a chaotic referendum on independence last year.

Why choose Madrid for your business? Learn about Madrid’s economic highlights, Golden Visa as well as government programs and incentives. Please contact us with any queries using the form below.


Spain Real Estate wishes you Happy Islamic New Year.jpg

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82 million of opportunities in Spain for 2018. 2017 set a new record of 82 million tourists!

record-in-spain 82 million

In 2018, Spain received 82 million international tourist arrivals – a new historic record and the highest growth (+7%) in the last 14 years.

Spain is the second most visited country in the world, and the second destination in terms of foreign earnings from tourism. With tourism representing 25% of all new jobs created in Spain in 2017, the sector remains firmly positioned as one of the country’s most important economic sectors.

The sector accounts for 10.9% of Spain’s GDP and generates one in 9 jobs .Spain is the second most visited country in the world, and the second destination in terms of foreign earnings from tourism. With tourism representing 25% of all new jobs created in Spain in 2017, the sector remains firmly positioned as one of the country’s most important economic sectors.

llave logo


Spain’s housing market is now recovering, the same time is gradually improving economic conditions.

The improvement is mainly driven by foreign property buyers, buying on the coast and in cities like Madrid.


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We will be explaining in Kuwait how to invest in Spain with Zero Tax and how to get the Residence program for 26 countries/ Schengen area. Cityscape Kuwait 7-9 December. Stand L50.

spainop high resol kuwait banner

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Exclusive: Wealthy Russians Seek Second Citizenship To Beat Western Sanctions





Russian millionaires are seeking second citizenship to beat Western sanctions imposed as a result of the Ukraine crisis.


On Monday the US and European Union increased sanctions on Russian President Vladimir Putin’s inner circle, adding seven prominent figures to a blacklist subject to visa bans and asset freezes.


“We have, over the last month, felt an increased interest from the Russian who feel very uncomfortable anywhere in the world. It’s not only Russians in Russia but also the Russian expat community in the Gulf”
More info


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20 Reasons to Drop Everything and Go to Spain by Huftington post

1.) The Mediterranean coast is paradise


Spain’s long, sandy Atlantic beaches and cozy Mediterranean coves are rightly famous throughout Europe. That most get over 300 days of sun a year doesn’t hurt either. (Photo by Naxos).

See more photos of beaches in Spain

2.) …and the mountains are just around the corner.


Trivia: Spain is Europe’s second most mountainous country, after Switzerland. In Switzerland, though, you can’t have a cocktail by the sea an hour away from the slopes. (Photo by Adria V. Fernandez)

See more photos of natural parks in Spain

3.) It has the best restaurant in the world


Ferran Adria’s legendary elBulli was number one in its day, and now another Catalan eatery, El Celler de Can Roca, has taken the reins as 2013’s best restaurant in the world. (Photo by guiarepsol)

See more photos of restaurants in Spain

4.) …and the oldest restaurant in the world


Casa Botín is the world’s oldest continuously-running restaurant (since 1725) and the painter Goya even worked there as a waiter. Plus, it serves a pretty mean roast pig. (Photo by Madrid Ciudad)

See more photos of Casa Botin

5.) There are Egyptian temples


Yup, there’s actually an Egyptian temple smack in the center of Madrid. The Egyptians, of course, didn’t live in Spain; the Temple of Debod was actually a gift from Egypt in 1968. (Photo by Pilar A. Bartolome)

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6.) …lots of Roman ruins…


Italy takes the cake on this one, but ancient Hispania has some fine Roman ruins of its own. Plus some, like the Roman theatre in Mérida, are still often used for performances. (Photo by Rodrigo Nieto)

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7.)…and Moorish palaces.


The Moors ruled Al-Andalus for nearly 800 years and their influence is seen on everything from the language to some of Spain’s most famous sights, like the Alhambra in Granada. (Photo by Eva PM)

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8.) The parties are legendary


Few local parties make international news, but few places throw a party like Spain. The Tomatina is an annual fave and Pamplona’s Running of the Bulls drew nearly 100,000 people in 2013. (Photo by Albergue Tourism Rural)

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9.) …and there are dozens you still haven’t discovered.


Most Spanish villages have their own summer fiestas, ranging from folk dances to 5-story human statues, flaming effigies, and battles involving paint, meringue, grapes, or oranges. (Photo by Viveydeja)

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10.) There are amazing cathedrals…


Spain has cathedrals of every stripe, from Gaudi’s modern masterpiece, La Sagrada Familia, to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, a place of international pilgrimage. (Photo by Santcer)

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11.)…1,000-year-old mosques…


Sure, Europe is full of cathedrals, but how about 1000-year-old mosques? TheMezquita in Cordoba is unique in Europe and has been a World Heritage Site since 1984. (Photo by Romaine Labadie)

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12.) …and mind-blowing water parks!


Lago Martianez, an oasis of sea water, palms, and volcanic rock in Tenerife, brings waterparks to the level of art. Plus, you can spend all day there for less than the price of your sunscreen. (Photo by Ireth)

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13.) The whole place is riddled with hidden beaches


Calas (coves) are a Spanish classic. Skip the city beaches and head for the Balearic Islands and find endless gems hidden between pine forests and crystal-blue water. (Photo by Menorca en Barco)

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14.) It produces the best wine in the world…


The La Rioja region makes some of the world’s best vino, including Wine Spectator’sBest Wine of 2013. Since most of it is consumed internally, it’s still deliciously affordable. (Photo by Alava Incoming)

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15.) …and you get free food when you order a drink.


Serving something tasty with your drink is a time-honored Spanish tradition. In some cities, especially smaller ones, it’s entirely possible to have a full dinner just by ordering drinks. (Photo by Analia Plaza)

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16.) You can visit Salvador Dalí’s house…

(Photo by May Lopez)

Come for the priceless works of art, stay for the Cadillac in the patio and giant eggs on the roof. (Photo by May Lopez)

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17.) …and eat chicken grilled on an active volcano.


You read that right. On the volcanic island of Lanzarote, you can spend the morning hiking the volcano at Timanfaya National Park then enjoy a lunch cooked over an open volcanic vent. (Photo by Naxos)

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18.) People decorate their houses like this


Andalucía is full of sunny bougainvillea-draped villages, and Cordoba even holds an annual competition for the most flowery courtyards which draws thousands of visitors. (Photo by Zu Sanchez)

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19.) There are countless varieties of paella


From rabbit and snails to mussels and prawns, paella comes in dozens of local varieties which are a matter of regional pride in many provinces. Lucky for us, they’re all mouth-watering. (Photo by Anadel)

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20.) Mediterranean lifestyle, anyone?


While many stereotypes (daily siestas, achem) are more myth than fact, the culture of long family meals, Sunday snoozes, and summers on the coast certainly has its appeal. (Photo Fito R. Serrano)

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