Do you know When is the Best Time to Buy a Home?

24 Nov

Guess the Unexpected Best Time to Buy a Home

Hunting for a new home during the holidays can have many hidden advantages for buyers, despite conventional wisdom.

While there is less inventory to choose from in the fall, house hunting in December and February also means there is less competition with other buyers out there. Sellers might also be willing to strike a better deal for potential home owners.

Home buyers can take advantage of sellers who are eager to sell. The end of the year is a great time to look above your price range and negotiate for a lower price, said Javier Serrano, president of Spain Opportunities

“Sellers want to clear inventory before the spring and will be open to price adjustments to make the sale,” he said.

Consumers can find the best prices after Christmas because most home owners do not want to wait until the winter months when the bulk of potential buyers disappear, Serrano said.

Seeing a home during the winter months shows both the house and the neighborhood in its “true colors,” he said.

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