STAMPEDE TO INVEST IN Madrid… says PwC Price Waterhouse

16 Jan

Next stop… Spain

The extraordinary turnaround in sentiment towards Spain is one of the

most remarkable property stories of this year’s Emerging Trends Europe.

Within weeks of the country’s bad bank, Sareb, opening for business last summer, the

rush of opportunistic investors into Madrid and Barcelona had turned into

a veritable stampede.

By the autumn, Spain’s transformation from property pariah to star market was complete.

By all accounts, the revival is expected to continue in much the same vein in 2014.

“As we have seen with Ireland, 24 months ago no-one wanted to know.

Now it’s the darling of the market,” says one interviewee.

“There is way too much capital chasing product in Ireland and that’s why Spain will also recover because all the investors in Ireland have moved down to Madrid.”

ImageThis information has been confirmed by

Emerging Trends in Real Estate Europe 2014 – “Real estate returns” by PwC. 2014

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