Spain is back in business as it shrugs off a two-year recession and its banks clean up their balance sheets and recapitalise. With economic indicators improving thanks to government reforms, the big picture is looking much rosier than a year ago.

And top investors are back on the scene, focusing on some of the fundamental reasons to make an acquisition or set up a business in Spain. Those four reasons are:

• Spain is the gateway to Europe for Latin American, Asian and Eastern European investors. Its proximity to North Africa is also strategic.
• It has a highly qualified workforce.
• It has a highly developed infrastructure network.
• There a slew of tax incentives for foreign investors.Image



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Paco de Lucia and Luis Aragones, a new kind of Spanish heroes.

Paco de Lucia, one of the world’s greatest guitarists who dazzled audiences with his lightning-speed flamenco rhythms and finger work has died aged 66 in Mexico, reportedly of a heart attack while playing with his children on a beach.

In the last interview he said about the internal problems in Spain “the politicians are responsible, they are lying about the Spanish history our birthday like  country is in 1492 We are an old country, the problem are the politician they like money…”



Under the tutelage of Luis Aragones, Spain have produced captivating performances, serving up quality attacking football every time. He gave a bond for all of us. Thanks Luis. You were training us for the life.



En su última entrevista, concedida al diario peruano El Comercio el tristemente desparecido Paco de Lucíanos dejaba una clarividente declaración sobre la situación que estamos viviendo. A la pregunta ¿qué piensa usted del peligro de que España pueda desmembrarse?, el genio de la guitarra contestaba:

Son los políticos que van envenenando a la gente y les hacen creer cosas que no son. Cosas de la historia y de la economía. Yo los detesto. Me apena mucho que el país se vaya a desmembrar, pues es el más antiguo de Europa luego de la reunificación en los tiempos de los Reyes Católicos. Ahora se quieren separar por cuestiones miserables de dinero. ¡Cabrones de los políticos! Ponlo en letra grande: ¡Cabrones de los políticos!

Paco de Lucía, tan genio en el flamenco como en el análisis de los males que aquejan a España. Descanse en la paz del Cielo.

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Buy Cristiano Ronaldo’s Home

Become neighbors with CR7. Do you like to live with Cristiano Ronaldo?

Description ” the same house than Cristiano Ronaldo, your neighbord”

Spain State Properties is proud to present this amazing villa in a prime location in La Finca with a built size of 8,000 sq. ft. in a plot of 34,000 sq. ft. and with a garden of 25,000 sq. ft.

Distributed in 1 floor. Has 7 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, facing South, 6 garages.

FACILITIES: Heating, Air conditioning, Alarm, Pool

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Over 60 million foreign tourists visited Spain in 2013

2013 record year for tourism in Spain

Record numbers of foreign tourists poured into Spain in 2013 to bake on sunny beaches but a new challenge lies ahead: luring them to holiday spots inland. An unprecedented 60.7 million foreign tourists came to Spain last year, spending an estimated 45.7 billion euros.


Spain received increased numbers of visitors from virtually all around the world, with the exception of Italy, which has been suffering the effects of the ongoing economic crisis.

The number of Britons, Scandinavians and French tourists to Spain all rose during 2013, although it was the Chinese and Russian markets which showed the strongest growth.

Around 35 percent more Chinese people visited Spain in 2013 than the previous year, while 31.6 percent more Russians came to the country.

Both of these are considered to be high quality markets by the tourist sector, given that the per-capital spending of Chinese and Russian tourists is higher than visitors from other countries and regions.

“It was a really good year which gives us a lot of hope after some difficult years,” Spain State President Javier Serrano told reporters.

Indeed, tourism is pivotal to the Spanish economy, which emerged in the third quarter last year from a two-year recession, still dragged down by a 26-percent unemployment rate. “We think tourism should be an engine to help improve the Spanish economy, as it always has been,” Serrano said.

This shows that foreign visitors are waking up to Spain as more than a destination for sun, sea and sand and are showing more interest in sectors such as gastronomy, wine tourism, culture and in visiting historic sites.


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STAMPEDE TO INVEST IN Madrid… says PwC Price Waterhouse

Next stop… Spain

The extraordinary turnaround in sentiment towards Spain is one of the

most remarkable property stories of this year’s Emerging Trends Europe.

Within weeks of the country’s bad bank, Sareb, opening for business last summer, the

rush of opportunistic investors into Madrid and Barcelona had turned into

a veritable stampede.

By the autumn, Spain’s transformation from property pariah to star market was complete.

By all accounts, the revival is expected to continue in much the same vein in 2014.

“As we have seen with Ireland, 24 months ago no-one wanted to know.

Now it’s the darling of the market,” says one interviewee.

“There is way too much capital chasing product in Ireland and that’s why Spain will also recover because all the investors in Ireland have moved down to Madrid.”

ImageThis information has been confirmed by

Emerging Trends in Real Estate Europe 2014 – “Real estate returns” by PwC. 2014

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20 Reasons to Drop Everything and Go to Spain

1.) The Mediterranean coast is paradise


Spain’s long, sandy Atlantic beaches and cozy Mediterranean coves are rightly famous throughout Europe. That most get over 300 days of sun a year doesn’t hurt either. (Photo by Naxos).

See more photos of beaches in Spain

2.) …and the mountains are just around the corner.


Trivia: Spain is Europe’s second most mountainous country, after Switzerland. In Switzerland, though, you can’t have a cocktail by the sea an hour away from the slopes. (Photo by Adria V. Fernandez)

See more photos of natural parks in Spain

3.) It has the best restaurant in the world


Ferran Adria’s legendary elBulli was number one in its day, and now another Catalan eatery, El Celler de Can Roca, has taken the reigns as 2013’s best restaurant in the world. (Photo by guiarepsol)

See more photos of restaurants in Spain

4.) …and the oldest restaurant in the world


Casa Botín is the world’s oldest continuously-running restaurant (since 1725) and the painter Goya even worked there as a waiter. Plus, it serves a pretty mean roast pig. (Photo by Madrid Ciudad)

See more photos of Casa Botin

5.) There are Egyptian temples


Yup, there’s actually an Egyptian temple smack in the center of Madrid. The Egyptians, of course, didn’t live in Spain; the Temple of Debod was actually a gift from Egypt in 1968. (Photo by Pilar A. Bartolome)

See more photos of historical monuments in Spain

6.) …lots of Roman ruins…


Italy takes the cake on this one, but ancient Hispania has some fine Roman ruins of its own. Plus some, like the Roman theatre in Mérida, are still often used for performances. (Photo by Rodrigo Nieto)

See more Roman ruins in Spain

7.)…and Moorish palaces.


The Moors ruled Al-Andalus for nearly 800 years and their influence is seen on everything from the language to some of Spain’s most famous sights, like the Alhambra in Granada. (Photo by Eva PM)

See more photos of the Alhambra

8.) The parties are legendary


Few local parties make international news, but few places throw a party like Spain. The Tomatina is an annual fave and Pamplona’s Running of the Bulls drew nearly 100,000 people in 2013. (Photo by Albergue Tourism Rural)

Check out more photos of Pamplona

9.) …and there are dozens you still haven’t discovered.


Most Spanish villages have their own summer fiestas, ranging from folk dances to 5-story human statues, flaming effigies, and battles involving paint, meringue, grapes, or oranges. (Photo by Viveydeja)

See more photos of festivals in Spain

10.) There are amazing cathedrals…


Spain has cathedrals of every stripe, from Gaudi’s modern masterpiece, La Sagrada Familia, to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, a place of international pilgrimage. (Photo by Santcer)

See more photos of cathedrals in Spain

11.)…1,000-year-old mosques…


Sure, Europe is full of cathedrals, but how about 1000-year-old mosques? The Mezquitain Cordoba is unique in Europe and has been a World Heritage Site since 1984. (Photo by Romaine Labadie)

See more photos of the Mosque of Cordoba

12.) …and mind-blowing water parks!


Lago Martianez, an oasis of sea water, palms, and volcanic rock in Tenerife, brings waterparks to the level of art. Plus, you can spend all day there for less than the price of your sunscreen. (Photo by Ireth)

See more photos of Lago Martianez

13.) The whole place is riddled with hidden beaches


Calas (coves) are a Spanish classic. Skip the city beaches and head for the Balearic Islands and find endless gems hidden between pine forests and crystal-blue water. (Photo by Menorca en Barco)

See more photos of coves in Spain

14.) It produces the best wine in the world…


The La Rioja region makes some of the world’s best vino, including Wine Spectator’s Best Wine of 2013. Since most of it is consumed internally, it’s still deliciously affordable. (Photo by Alava Incoming)

See more photos of wineries in Spain

15.) …and you get free food when you order a drink.


Serving something tasty with your drink is a time-honored Spanish tradition. In some cities, especially smaller ones, it’s entirely possible to have a full dinner just by ordering drinks. (Photo by Analia Plaza)

See more photos of tapas in Spain

16.) You can visit Salvador Dalí’s house…


Come for the priceless works of art, stay for the Cadillac in the patio and giant eggs on the roof. (Photo by May Lopez)

See more photos of the Salvador Dalí House-Museum

17.) …and eat chicken grilled on an active volcano.


You read that right. On the volcanic island of Lanzarote, you can spend the morning hiking the volcano at Timanfaya National Park then enjoy a lunch cooked over an open volcanic vent. (Photo by Naxos)

See more photos of Lanzarote

18.) People decorate their houses like this


Andalucía is full of sunny bougainvillea-draped villages, and Cordoba even holds an annual competition for the most flowery courtyards which draws thousands of visitors. (Photo by Zu Sanchez)

See more photos of Cordoba

19.) There are countless varieties of paella


From rabbit and snails to mussels and prawns, paella comes in dozens of local varieties which are a matter of regional pride in many provinces. Lucky for us, they’re all mouth-watering. (Photo by Anadel)

See more photos of Valencia

20.) Mediterranean lifestyle, anyone?


While many stereotypes (daily siestas, achem) are more myth than fact, the culture of long family meals, Sunday snoozes, and summers on the coast certainly has its appeal. (Photo Fito R. Serrano)

See more photos of Spain

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What is a buyer’s agent?

Find your Buyer’s Agent Now!

Buyer’s agents are licensed professionals that specialize in searching, evaluating and negotiating the purchase of property on behalf of the buyer. They do not sell real estate. The key difference between a buyers’ agent and a traditional selling agent is who they represent. A buyers’ agent works exclusively for the buyer, whereas the selling agent works for the vendor (seller).

Most buyers’ agents offer at least two levels of service:

The full search service, whereby the buyers’ agent actively searches the market and shortlists properties meeting the specific criteria of the client and then evaluates and negotiates the recommended property.

The negotiation or auction bidding only service – this is where the client finds the property and engages the buyers agent to evaluate and negotiate a private treaty or bid at auction.

Using a buyers’ agent to purchase real estate is becoming more widespread as investors and home buyers understand the benefits they provide.

A professional buyers’ agent can provide you with all the knowledge you need to make an informed decision about the value of a property without all of the sales “hype” often generated by sales agents and glossy brochures.

Many think that using the services of a buyers’ agent is too expensive. This is not the case. Buyers’ agents can save you money, time and stress, whatever your budget. In most cases they will save you the fee and provide a whole lot more benefits. In the US and Australia, over 50% of the population use a buyers’ agent to assist in the purchasing process.

Buyers agents can give you the upper hand by their understanding of the auction process, bidding tactics and by not being emotionally involved in the auction or negotiation process.

Buyer’s agents generally charge an engagement fee before they begin the search. The fees are either a flat fee or a percentage of the property purchase price.

Here are 7 key reasons why you should use a buyers’ agent:

Gain access to a wider choice of properties (many not even advertised) via the contacts/ network of the buyers’ agent


Leverage your time – instead of searching the newspapers and internet every weekend, get someone else to do the hard work short listing suitable properties.

Use a professional negotiator to obtain the lowest possible price


Eliminate the stress and frustration of being shown inappropriate and unsuitable properties by selling agents that don’t listen to the buyers’ needs.

Have an independent professional buyers’ agent working on your side.

Source the right type of property in locations with good prospects for capital growth.

Help investors build their property portfolio faster by buying in growth areas.

Buyers’ agents will also ensure you don’t pay too much by providing background information about the true value of the property you are seeking to buy, so that you can make an informed choice.

If you choose a licensed, professional buyers’ agent, the saving you make on your next property could run into tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars, could be less stressful and is likely to take less of your precious time.

Javier Serrano

CEO and Founder


Javier Serrano, “Looking after your interests.”

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Spain is back says JP Morgan. JPMorgan: Spain to grow 1 pct in 2014

Spain is back
Strong PMI and economic sentiment surveys point to a robust buildup of momentum
 We raise our GDP forecast for 2014 to 1%oya, even in the presence of tight financing conditions
 Export performance, substantial cost adjustment, and a lower fiscal drag to support the recovery in 2014
 Progress in private deleveraging bodes well for a stabilization of domestic demand

The European Commission’s economic sentiment indicator—a broad measure of sentiment covering manufacturing, services, construction, retail, and households— soared in December, confirming a pattern over recent months whereby sentiment in Spain has been higher 
than sentiment in France. Not many people were expecting that, although this has also been a result of the poor French performance.

Spain’s economy will grow 1 percent in 2014,JP Morgan said in a newly published report, citing recent “encouraging” results in industrial production, exports and consumer spending and confidence.

The report, issued to clients, said the country’s situation has improved sufficiently in recent months to enable it to grow at an acceptable clip this year.

JP Morgan had previously forecast an increase in Spain’s gross domestic product of 0.7 percent in 2014.

In the report, titled “Spain Is Back,” the investment bank said the economy had made “significant progress since mid-2013” and noted that GDP data for last year’s third quarter showed a strong recovery in domestic demand.

It also cited progress in the vast majority of economic sentiment indicators, particularly in the services sector.

JPMorgan said it expected 2014 to bring continued strong growth in exports, which accounted for 33 percent of Spain’s GDP in 2013, up from 17 percent of GDP in 2007. This growth, the investment bank said, will be driven by increased competiveness stemming from Spain’s internal devaluation process, especially labor-cost reductions.

It acknowledged, however, that that process has not been painless because it has been accompanied by a drop in salaries and a large increase in the number of unemployed.

The Spanish government’s latest quarterly survey of the workforce, from the July-September period, showed 5.9 million people out of work, equivalent to a jobless rate of 25.9 percent.

The report said Spain’s banks were “well capitalized” and have improved their liquidity situation, although they still must make provisions to cover bad loans and clean up their balance sheets.

But JPMorgan does not expect significant improvement in financing conditions for businesses and households this year.

Despite the lack of lending, consumer-spending data for the third quarter of last year was “encouraging” and the return of the annual Christmas bonus for public employees in 2013 (the 2012 bonus was taken away as part of an austerity drive aimed at lowering a high budget deficit) will have an economic impact equivalent to roughly 0.5 percent of GDP.

Although JPMorgan predicts that the problem of weak credit flows and high interest rates charged to companies will persist, it believes Spain’s economy has enough dynamism to grow in 2014 even without a significant improvement in financing conditions.

Spain ended a streak of nine consecutive quarters of contraction in the third quarter of 2013, posting growth of 0.1 percent.


The right moment to invest in Spain Real Estate is now confirm Gee Homes WWW.GEEHOMES.COM 

GDP on the right track, surveys signal robust momentum building
After a poor start to 2013, the Spanish economy managed to exit a nine-quarter-long recession in 3Q13. The full GDP report for the third quarter put domestic demand front and center of the improvement, despite still depressed capex in the construction sector. The quarterly contribution from domestic final sales was 1.1%-pt ar. The overall GDP gain was limited to 0.5%q/q ar, due to drags from inventories and net trade.
Within domestic demand, consumer spending rose 1.6%q/q ar and corporate spending on machinery and equipment rose 3.2%q/q ar. The gain in machinery was particularly striking given that it followed a 16.3%q/q ar gain in the second quarter.
This recovery in economic activity was signaled by the broad progress of virtually all high-frequency survey-based indicators starting in 2Q13. The European Commission’s economic sentiment indicator—a broad measure of sentiment covering manufacturing, services, construction, retail, and households— soared in December, confirming a pattern over recent months whereby sentiment in Spain has been higher
than sentiment in France. Not many people were expecting that, although this has also been a result of the poor French performance.

The substantial improvement in economic sentiment in Spain in recent months is all the more
impressive, in our view, given the still very depressed level of sentiment in construction. What this means is that the improvement in sentiment in industry, services, retail, and households has been more pronounced than the overall average.

The PMI surveys further strengthen this message, with the composite PMI output index achieving 53.9 in December—close to the pre-recession average—and strong readings for new orders and the employment components.

Particularly encouraging is the swift recovery in the services sector, which closely reflects domestic demand and which has been trailing the export-led industry cycle until recently.
Exports growth to remain a key driver

The joint dynamics of exports and imports have led to a rapid turnaround in the current account, from a deficit of 10% of GDP 2007 to a surplus of 1.4% in 2013, as forecast by the Commission. Undoubtedly, part of the adjustment is due to the collapse of imports, but the internal devaluation process— a sizable decline in unit labor costs—has played an important role in strengthening Spain’s external competitiveness.

The export performance of the Spanish economy has indeed been remarkable. Export volumes have risen 19% since 2007, moving from 27% of GDP to 33% in 2013, driven by exports to non-Euro area countries. Importantly, the increase in exports has materialized under a relatively stable euro performance vis-á-vis trading partners, which further supports the role of cost adjustment as a major export driver. We expect this trend to persist over 2014.

However, the decline in unit labor costs has not been painless, as it has been driven by a fall in wages as well as a massive rise in the number of unemployed. Given that employment in the construction sector accounted for only 6% of the active labor force in 2013 compared to 13% in 2007, a large degree of labor shedding, especially of less protected temporary workers, was unavoidable. The labor market reform of 2012
has somewhat reduced the level of duality and made it easier to achieve wage flexibility, which, over time, may help the economy to reabsorb part of the unutilized labor force.
Balance sheet repair bodes well for a stabilization of domestic demand The possibility of a stronger contribution from domestic demand is supported not only by the encouraging pickup in capex, but also by the relatively successful deleveraging effort achieved by the private sector.
Regarding banks, Spain has been given the green light by the Troika to exit its bank recapitalization program. Challenges remain, however. Deleveraging will continue for some time and non-performing loans (NPLs)—which lag the economic cycle—will continue to rise until domestic demand stabilizes at a decent level. But banks are judged to be well capitalized and liquidity conditions have sharply improved. In our view, the AQR process will make banks more cautious while they continue to provision and clean up their balance sheets during the review period. This should prevent a significant improvement in financing conditions for the corporate sector over most of 2014, so companies will remain reliant on internal sources of finance. Some comfort can be drawn from the large swing observed in the net financing position of Spanish companies and by stronger profit margins.

The debt overhang legacy of the real estate bubble was most intense in the household sector. Deleveraging has been modest in terms of the adjustment in the stock of debt, as a share of gross disposable income; negative income growth has played havoc. But household deleveraging has been substantial in terms of flows and appears sustainable, especially if job creation resumes over 2014. The growth of private consumption in 3Q13 is encouraging. We think that the reinstatement of the Christmas bonus for public employees this year—in net terms about 0.5% of GDP once accounting for the reduction of personnel in the public sector—is important in supporting purchasing power, together with the stabilization of the unemployment rate and low inflation.

Indeed, consumer confidence has improved quickly over recent months and the draw down of accumulated wealth observed for three running quarters has come to a halt in 2Q13 (the latest available date for the sector flow of funds). Conditions for growth in place, despite tight financing conditions In conclusion, it seems fair to acknowledge the remarkable adjustment achieved by the Spanish economy. In 2014, the economy will also take advantage of the milder fiscal stance allowed by the delay in achieving fiscal targets granted by the
European Commission earlier in May. According to the government, the fiscal drag will be only 0.6% of GDP in 2014 versus 1% in 2013 (the European Commission estimates an even smaller fiscal drag of 0.3%) and the deficit target (5.8% of GDP) looks achievable. However, as mentioned, the drag from weak bank credit and high lending rates to corporates will not fade quickly. But, we believe the available evidence suggests that there is sufficient dynamism in the economy to resume growth even in the absence of a significant improvement in financing conditions.


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Spain for LOVE…

A poll of 15,000 women that rated the world’s best and worst lovers found that German men topped the worst list because they were deemed “too smelly,” they reported.

The Germans were followed closely by the English, who were considered “too lazy,” while the Swedes, who came in third, were accused of being “too quick to finish.”

On the other end of the spectrum, Latin countries topped the “best lover” list, with Spain at number one, followed by Brazil, Italy and France, reported the Daily Mail.

The poll was carried out by and asked women from 20 countries to rate men from different countries based on their ability in bed. The women also had to provide an explanation for their answers, the Telegraph reported.

The Dutch were considered too rough, while Americans made it into the Top 5 on the worst lovers list because they were too dominating in bed, Fox News reported.

The other countries that also did badly are: Greece (soppy), Scotland (too loud), Turkey (too sweaty), Wales (too selfish) and Russia (too hairy), the Hindustan Times reported.

A spokesperson for added: ”These results are an eye-opener for thousands of men around the world and female travellers might judge potential new lovers by looking at these results.”


1. Germany (too smelly)

2. England (too lazy)

3. Sweden (too quick)

4. Holland (too dominating)

5. America (too rough)

6. Greece (too lovey-dovey)

7. Wales (too selfish)

8. Scotland (too loud)

9. Turkey (too sweaty)

10. Russia (too hairy)


1. Spain

2. Brazil

3. Italy

4. France

5. Ireland

6. South Africa

7. Australia

8. New Zealand

9. Denmark

10. Canada


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Excellent Value Flat in Paseo Castellana (Walk), with 3,230 sq ft, 5 bedroom, in front of Department of Defense, magnificent Castellana Walk views terrace with 300 sq ft

Reference pen53945
Builtsize 3,230 sq ft
Rooms 5
Terrace 300 sq ft
Baths 4
Price € € 1,160,000
Price AED AED 5,8 Million

#Flat in a class by itself in General Yague with 3,580 sq ft, 5bedrooms, 400 sq ft terrace € 1,3 Million

Reference pen63825
Builtsize 3,580 sq ft
Rooms 5
Terrace 400 sq ft
Baths 4
Floor 5
Garage 1 double
Price € € 1,3 Million
Price AED AED 6,5 Million

# Penthouse in Madrid Jeronimos, with stunning views over the Retiro, the most beautiful park in Europe, with 2120 sq ft and 250 sq ft terrace.

Reference pen66057
Builtsize 2,120 sq ft
Rooms 6
Terrace 250 sq ft
Baths 2
Storage Yes
Garage 1 space
Price € € 1,595,000
Price AED AED 8 Million

# Madrid Duplex-penthouse in Conde Orgaz a host of facilities, with 4,480 sq ft, 6 bedrooms, 6 baths, terrace 1,330 sq ft, 3 garages

Garden, Pool, Tennis court.

Reference pen46818
Builtsize 4,480 sq ft
Rooms 6
Terrace 1,330 sq ft
Baths 6
Garage 3 spaces
Price € € 2,25 Million
Price AED AED 11,3 Million

# Madrid Penthouse-Duplex, Marques de Urquijo area and 500 meters far from Corte Ingles Princesa best area shopping, with 3,100 sq ft, 1,620 sq ft terrace, plus 500 sq ft for 3 garage spaces, Casa de

Reference Pen64544
Builtsize 4,470 sq ft
Rooms 6
Terrace 1,000 sq ft
Baths 4
Floor 6
Storage Yes
Garage 4 spaces
Price € € 1,35 Million
Price AED AED 6,8 Million

# Madrid. Experience height of luxury in this Duplex-penthouse in Pinar de Chamartín, 6,970 sq ft, 4 bedrooms, 6 baths, terrace of 3,670 sq ft, 3 garages , Pool, Tennis Court…

Reference Pen48222
Builtsize 6,970 sq ft
Rooms 4
Terrace 3,670 sq ft
Baths 6
Garage 3 spaces
Price € € 1,55 Million
Price AED AED 7,8 Million

# Madrid Quintessential Luxury living Penthouse- Duplex in Retiro 3,000 sq ft, 2,200 sq ft terrace with breathtaking Retiro Views, pool, 2 garage spaces, 5 bedrooms, 6 baths.

Reference Pen59406
Builtsize 3000 sq ft
Rooms 6
Terrace 2,200 sq ft
Baths 5
Floor 5
Garage 2 spaces
Price € €2,29 Million
Price  AED AED 11,5 Million

# Madrid Duplex-penthouse in a privilege location in Nueva España, 2,500 sq ft, 4 bedrooms, 5 baths, terrace of 330 sq ft, 1 garage , pool, garden.

Reference Pen65782
Builtsize 2,500 sq ft
Rooms 4
Terrace 330 sq ft
Baths 5
Floor 3
Garage 1 space
Price € € 1,29 Million
Price AED AED 6,5 Million

# Madrid Excellent Value Penthouse in Puerta de Hierro, 2,460 sq ft, 5 bedrooms, 4 baths, terrace of 1,700 sq ft, 2 garages.

Reference pen31221
Builtsize 2,460 sq ft
Rooms 5
Terrace 1,700 sq ft
Baths 4
Storage Yes
Garage 2 spaces
Price € € 950,000
Price AED AED 4,7 Million

# Madrid. Attractive Investment Opportunity Penthouse- Duplex with stunning view of Madrid mountains and Zarzuela Palace with 3,000 sq ft, 250 sq ft terrace, 4 bedrooms, 5 baths, 4 garages, pool, winn

Reference Pen66344
Builtsize 3000 sq ft
Rooms 4
Terrace 250 sq ft
Baths 5
Storage Yes
Garage 4 spaces
Price € € 1,7 Million
Price AED AED 8,5 Million

# Exceptionally rewarding investment Penthouse- Duplex near to Planetario with great finishes and Scenic Madrid views, relaxed ambiance with 1,350 sq ft and 210 sq ft of terrace with storage and garag

Reference op67127
Builtsize 1,350 sq ft
Rooms 3
Terrace 210 sq ft
Baths 3
Storage Yes
Garage 1 space
Price € € 549,000
Price AED AED 2,7 Million

# Madrid Large Flat near to desirable address of Plaza Cristo Rey with 2,870 sq ft and 770 sq ft of the terrace, garage, storage, 5 bedrooms, 3 baths. € 590,000 only.

Reference op54326
Builtsize 2,870 sq ft
Rooms 5
Terrace 770 sq ft
Baths 3
Garage 1 space
Price € € 590,000
Price AED AED 2,97 Million
Select a property from our inventory or visit us in Dubai or Doha to preview properties or LET US help you, please send us a wish list and we will send you a personal listing.
Of course you can request a viewing or Request a contact.

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